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Lena Sulzenbacher

Coach | M.S. Sports Psychology

With my expertise as a personal trainer and a Master's degree graduate in sport psychology, I strive for holistic fitness and place great emphasis on understanding the body as a whole. Even in my childhood, influenced by the mountains, I discovered my passion for various sports such as skiing, hiking, gymnastics, athletics, and Taekwondo.

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Lena Sulzenbacher

As a personal trainer and a graduate with a Master's degree in sport psychology, I prioritize holistic fitness and understanding the body as a unified entity. My passion for sports started in my childhood, growing up in the mountains and exploring various activities such as skiing, hiking, gymnastics, athletics, and Taekwondo.

Through my diverse sporting experiences, I have realized that physical fitness encompasses not only physical strength but also mental resilience and a positive mindset. This realization led me to pursue a degree in sport psychology, aiming to deepen my understanding of the mind-body connection in a sports context.

As a personal trainer, it is my passion to accompany and assist my clients on their fitness journey, helping them unlock their full potential. Through personalized and tailored guidance, I support my clients in achieving their athletic goals and enhancing their physical and mental well-being.

I firmly believe that every individual has the potential to achieve their athletic dreams, and a holistic approach to the body and mind is crucial. As a personal trainer and sport psychologist, I merge my passion for sports, fitness, and mental well-being, guiding my clients towards a healthy and successful athletic lifestyle.

I am excited to share my experiences, knowledge, and motivation with my clients, helping them reach their athletic objectives and lead a fulfilling and balanced life. Together, we will work on their physical fitness, build mental strength, and discover the joy of sports and a healthy lifestyle.


MSc Sports PSychology, MSc Business Psychology, BSc Sports Science, Functional Movement Screening & certified EMS Trainer i.A.

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