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Sascha Syed

Co-Founder | B.A. Fitness Economics

As the CEO and owner of HIT BLN - High Intensity Training Berlin, I, Sascha Syed, bring my extensive experience and passion for fitness and sports to our training team.

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Sascha Syed

In 2010, I began my career as a passionate personal trainer, and since then, I have further developed my enthusiasm for sports and fitness with great dedication. I expanded my knowledge and skills by completing a degree in Fitness Economics, earning the title of Bachelor of Arts. Additionally, I have acquired numerous trainer certifications to provide my clients with a wide range of professional guidance.

My greatest passion lies in kickboxing, a sport that has fascinated me since childhood. Although my athletic journey started with football, my interest quickly led me to martial arts, particularly boxing and kickboxing. At the age of 14, I discovered my passion for strength training and have been continuously evolving ever since.

Supporting my teammates and training partners has always been my concern. As a captain, I was always approachable and motivated to help others. The joy of advancing people in sports and assisting them in achieving their goals inspired me to pursue a career as a personal trainer.

In 2017, together with José Yilmaz, I co-founded HIT BLN - High Intensity Training Berlin. We are the owners and CEOs of HIT BLN. Our vision was to share our passion for fitness and training and to help others lead an active and healthy lifestyle. With our expertise, experience, and enthusiasm, we are committed to assisting our clients in reaching their athletic goals and taking their personal fitness to new heights.


Bachelor of Arts Fitness Economics, certified Kickboxing Coach, certified Boxing Coach, Nutrition Coach, Performance Trainer, Functional Movement Screening & certified EMS Trainer

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