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High Intensity Training Berlin

Berlin Mitte: Portfolio

Welcome to your private fitness studio.

Welcome to your private fitness studio – a place that stands out from conventional gyms. Here, it's not just about getting fit, but also about tightening your skin, relieving back and neck pain, losing weight, and building muscle. We offer an exclusive and private atmosphere where you can fully focus on your goals.

As a member with us, you'll benefit from a variety of advantages. We provide you with the choice of two high-quality gyms, offering maximum flexibility in terms of schedules and locations. Here, you can work on your training in peace and without distractions, aiming to get fit, tighten your skin, alleviate back and neck pain, lose weight, and build muscle.

Our top priority is cleanliness and hygiene in our fitness studio. We value creating a pleasant and hygienic environment where you feel comfortable. Our facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected, and we provide ample disinfectants and cleaning towels.

We understand that your health and safety are essential for effective training. That's why we not only offer a private and exclusive fitness experience but also ensure that we do everything possible to meet your needs.

Step into your private fitness studio and experience fitness on a whole new level. Sign up today and become part of our exclusive community where you can transform your body and unleash your full potential. We look forward to accompanying you on your fitness journey.

What makes HIT BLN Mitte so special? Exclusive ambiance, personalized coaching, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Welcome to our exclusive and exquisite fitness sanctuary! With an area of approximately 150 square meters, we offer you a premium and personalized training experience that takes place at the highest level.

private and discreet

Once you arrive at our facility, you will first go to your private changing room, specifically designed for one person. Our discreet fitness studio features two separate training rooms, providing you with the opportunity to complete your workout in an intimate and uninterrupted environment. Here, you can fully focus on your training without feeling uncomfortably observed.

Training Equipment

In our fitness studio, you will find a wide range of high-quality training equipment that leaves nothing to be desired. From wireless EMS vests to a professional weightlifting platform, as well as TRX, dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, superbands, and gymnastic rings - we have everything you need for an effective and versatile workout.

Our extensive offering is complemented by a rack and many other top-notch training devices to ensure that you can fully enjoy your training and achieve maximum results.

take it easy

In addition, we provide our members with two spacious private bathrooms equipped with showers for relaxation and refreshment after your workout. Our massage room is also available to loosen and regenerate your muscles after intense workouts. At HIT BLN Mitte, we offer towels for our members. For EMS customers, there is a fee of €3 per towel, while Personal Training customers can enjoy complimentary towel service. We want to ensure that you always have access to fresh and clean towels during your training, making your experience enjoyable and comfortable.


our well-being is our top priority. That's why we have created an exclusive and luxurious ambiance that provides you with a sense of privacy and comfort. Our goal is to make you feel completely at ease and pampered during your time with us.

Discover the benefits of a fitness studio that prioritizes exclusivity and privacy. Immerse yourself in a world of personalized training and indulge in the amenities of our first-class facilities. We look forward to welcoming you to our exquisite fitness sanctuary.


HIT BLN Mitte - At a Glance

Diverse and high-quality training equipment for your personalized workout

Available training equipment:

Wireless EMS training with X Body

dumbbell (1).png

Dumbbells & Barbbells  from Rogue Fitness

Pull-up bar, dip bar & gymnastic rings

Battle Ropes


Kettlebells & more weights


TRX, additional suspension trainers & resistance bands

Bosu - Balance Trainer


Cable pulls with exclusive handles

Elliptical Trainers from Technogym


Medicine Balls, Slamballs & Sandbags


weight Bench from Rogue Fitness

HIT BLN Boxing Gloves & Hand Wraps available

Rack with Weightlifting platform

Paffen Sport punching bag for boxing and kickboxing


Skipping ropes & much more

Foto 16.01.19, 19 13 33.jpg

Comfort and amenities for your all-around enjoyable training experience


Towels 0-3€ (depending on the package)


Private changing room

Two spacious bathrooms with private showers

Complimentary drinking water - Coffee and protein shakes available

Massage on request


Professional body check-ups to ensure your success


HIT BLN Mitte - High Intensity Training Berlin

Ackerstraße 155, 10115 Berlin

Opening hours

Monday - Friday:          07:30 -20:00

Saturday:                       08:00 - 15:00

Sunday:                         closed

Holiday:                         closed

EMS Trial Training: 19,90€

30 minutes Anamnesis + 20 minutes workout

Personal Training Trial Training: 79,90€

30 minutes Anamnesis + 60 minutes workout

Foto 16.01.19, 19 30 40.jpg
Trial Training


I'm Max Reger

As the Club Manager, I am responsible for HIT BLN Mitte. If you have any remaining questions, suggestions, or feedback, please feel free to contact me. My team and I would be delighted to welcome you soon at our location on Ackerstraße 155!

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Feel free to contact us!

You can also reach us through email or WhatsApp. Just provide us with your preferred date and time, the location for your trial session, and your preferred personal training workout.

HIT BLN Mitte                0173 1054665‬           

HIT BLN Moabit  ‭.          0160 98625617‬        

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