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Trial Session Personal Training Boxing | Kickboxing

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Why Personal Training?

Boxing | Kickboxing

Personal training is crucial for your success, as it provides individualized guidance to develop customized workout programs and achieve optimal results. Personalized instruction enhances efficiency, motivation, and ensures that your training is safe and effective, especially in cases of injuries or health restrictions. Through progress tracking and continuous adjustment of your training, personal training enables sustainable improvement and helps you reach your goals.

How does a trial session for boxing and kickboxing work?

After scheduling your trial session, you are in for a unique personal training experience. All you need for your workout is your athletic shoes and appropriate sportswear; we provide towels for you. Before the first session, we recommend drinking enough water and having a small meal to ensure you benefit optimally from your training. Following the intense workout, private showers are also available for you to freshen up and feel revitalized. We look forward to welcoming you to your personal training trial session!



Before the start of your personal training trial session, we allocate approximately 30 minutes for a thorough anamnesis. Together, we discuss your health condition, potential injuries, and your individual training goals. This comprehensive analysis allows us to tailor the training optimally to your needs.




In the following 60-minute one-on-one personal training session with your qualified personal trainer, you'll experience the excitement of boxing or kickboxing tailored to your preferences. Our focus is on enjoying the training without the pressure of sparring. We differentiate ourselves from traditional martial arts studios by emphasizing a positive environment where sparring is not necessary. With us, you'll become more confident, learn fundamental self-defense techniques, and have a lot of fun without any sense of embarrassment. The diverse training includes various pads, punching bags, and additional training materials. If needed, we also provide HIT BLN boxing gloves and HIT BLN hand wraps. Additionally, the training is ideal for calorie burning.


Post-Session Discussion

After the personal training trial session, we take the time for a thorough debrief with you. Here, we reflect on your experiences together, address any open questions, and provide individual feedback on your training. We are available to help plan further steps, discuss membership options, or provide additional information. Our goal is to ensure that you feel well-supported and gain a clear insight into the benefits of personal training.


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You can also reach us through email or WhatsApp. Just provide us with your preferred date and time, the location for your trial session, and

your preferred personal training workout.

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