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Ellen Lotz

Ellen Lotz

Coach | B.A. Sports & Management i.E.

As a personal trainer, I am passionately committed to helping our clients achieve their fitness goals. With my experience in competitive sports and my deep understanding of fitness and nutrition, I offer personalized training programs and guidance to promote physical well-being and overall health. My extensive experience, combined with my commitment to continuous learning, enables me to support individuals on their fitness journey and encourage them to lead an active and balanced lifestyle.

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Ellen Lotz

As a child, I explored a wide range of sports and discovered my passion for soccer at the age of six. Since then, I have been actively playing soccer with great enthusiasm. A very special experience in my athletic career was my time as a player at Eintracht Frankfurt, where I gained valuable experiences and continued to develop.

Parallel to my soccer career, I have dedicated myself intensively to fitness and strength training in recent years. I embarked on my own fitness journey and developed a deep passion for physical fitness and health. The realization of how much regular training and a balanced diet can positively impact the body has motivated me to share my knowledge and experiences with others.

To further expand my expertise, I completed a three-year training program at Fraport, a renowned company, where I gained valuable knowledge in the field of sports coaching and support. Additionally, I am a trained chef, which gives me a deep understanding of the importance of healthy nutrition and allows me to provide holistic support to my clients in achieving their individual goals.

Since October 2022, I have been a proud member of the HIT BLN team, a community of dedicated trainers and fitness enthusiasts who are passionately committed to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Driven by my own passion for fitness and health, I decided to become a personal trainer. It brings me joy and gratitude to help others achieve their fitness goals, improve their health, and lead an active and balanced life. As part of the HIT BLN team, I am here to support you on your journey, providing you with the necessary knowledge, motivation, and individual guidance you need.

Sport and fitness have become not just a hobby but an integral part of my life and professional work. I am deeply grateful for the diverse athletic experiences I have had and look forward to sharing my passion for fitness with others and guiding them on their own fitness journeys. Together, we will work towards your individual goals, build on your strengths, and help you bring out the best in yourself.


B.A. Sports & Management i.E., IHK Sports Expert i.E., trained chef, Personal Trainer B, Functional Movement Screening & certified EMS Trainer i.A.

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