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José Yilmaz

Co-Founder | B.A. Sports Management & IHK Sports Expert

As the CEO and owner of HIT BLN, José Yilmaz, I bring my extensive experience as a personal trainer and a wide range of athletic activities such as track and field, weightlifting, boxing, and soccer to assist people in achieving their fitness goals. With passion, expertise, and a holistic approach, I am committed to providing individualized guidance to my clients and supporting them on their journey towards a healthy and active lifestyle.

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José Yilmaz

As the owner, CEO, and co-founder of HIT BLN - High Intensity Training Berlin, I am passionate and dedicated to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. My name is José Yilmaz, and I aim to utilize my diverse sports experience to accompany you on your fitness journey.

Since my childhood, I have had a deep connection to sports. Starting with soccer, I developed a passion for track and field, specializing in the sprint distances of 100 and 200 meters. I was fortunate to be among the fastest sprinters in Berlin and Brandenburg, establishing myself in competitive athletics.

Parallel to my track and field career, I discovered weightlifting and found a particular fascination with the sport. Weightlifting became a significant component of my training, further developing my speed, endurance, and strength. Over the years, I have gained extensive boxing experience and enjoy regular sparring sessions to enhance my skills. Boxing has not only provided me with physical strength and endurance but has also sharpened my mental discipline and focus.

Furthermore, I have been able to share my passion for sports through volunteer work as a soccer and athletic trainer for clubs and primary schools. Over a span of five years, I had the privilege of coaching young athletes and assisting them in improving their athletic abilities. This experience taught me the importance of tailoring training to the individual needs and goals of each person.

To expand my knowledge and skills as a personal trainer, I have obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports & Management from Potsdam. I am also an IHK Sports Expert and hold various trainer licenses, including DOSB Vereinsmanager B and C, DOSB Trainer C, BFV Fußball Trainer C, as well as certifications as a Nutrition Coach, Functional Movement Screening, and EMS Trainer.

In 2017, I co-founded HIT BLN - High Intensity Training Berlin together with Sascha Syed. As owner and CEO, we are committed to offering high-quality training programs and individualized support to help our clients achieve their goals and lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our team at HIT BLN consists of dedicated trainers who share a passion for fitness and sports. Together, we provide a wide range of training experiences, including functional training, weightlifting, strength training, mobility, HIIT, boxing, kickboxing, powerlifting, and EMS training. We believe in the importance of a holistic approach to physical and mental fitness, working closely with our clients to develop customized training plans that meet their individual needs and goals.

As a personal trainer, my mission is to motivate people to push their limits and unlock their full potential. I am proud to be part of the HIT BLN team and help our clients achieve their physical and personal goals. Whether it's building strength, losing weight, improving endurance, or simply attaining a healthier lifestyle, I am here to provide guidance, support, and enthusiasm.

With fluency in German, English, and Spanish, I can serve a wide range of clients and support them in their preferred language. I believe that sports not only strengthen the body but also nourish the mind and soul. I look forward to working with you and accompanying you on your journey to a fit and fulfilling life.


Bachelor of Arts Sports & Management, IHK Sports Expert, DOSB Club Manager B, DOSB Manager C, DOSB Trainer C, BFV Football Trainer C, Nutrition Coach, Functional Movement Screening & certified EMS Trainer & much more

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